Lauren Jamieson


- Vendor at Events/Markets/Festivals, etc.
- Special Event Favours/Place Settings/Serving Cart
- Delivery/Pick-Up
- Special Orders
** Smores available at Greens Organic Café on Christina St. (at Lochiel)
** Chocolate Therapy is available EVERY FIRST FRIDAY at Raw Symmetry Eclectic Artistry on Front St. (main level, old CHOK building)

---Organic - Vegan - Gluten-Free - Low-Glycemic---

Healthy Chocolate? It's true!
These divine creations handmade by Lauren are actually good for you! Each ingredient is chosen with intent for outstanding function, flavor, and standards...

~ via ingredients fair- or direct-traded, supporting non-GMO projects, supporting organic/wild crafted farming, supporting, maintaining, and protecting biodiversity (particularly in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru and Ecuador), choosing animal-product-free ingredients promotes love and life, leaving out cruelty, suffering, and toxins.

All chocolates include stress adaptogens and immune boosters (unless requested otherwise):
-Matcha Green Tea
-Reishi Mushroom
-Shilajit Mineral Pitch
-Chaga Mushroom

Do you have a health problem you'd like to manage with chocolate?.. no, SERIOUSLY....send your inquiry to CHOCOLATE THERAPY(email or facebook message), describing your health concern, and a chocolate remedy can be designed just for you! A chocolate...or two, a day.... ..........