Kimberley Inniss-Petersen

I'm relaunching my career in Human Resource and Ethical Business Management. I'm currently working on my master's in Business Administration with a focus in Social Innovation Leadership. I divide my time between my family, school, networking and volunteering. Currently, I am researching and collecting data in support of my master's thesis which is focused on social innovation best practices. It is my hope to use my cumulative knowledge and experience to advocate for innovative social projects that enrich our community.

I've held various positions with the nonprofit social service sector and familiar with agencies in Lambton, Elgin, and Middlesex Counties. My nonprofit experience has taught me many things: respecting diversity, understanding social policy, networking, event management, public speaking, and community engagement. It has also taught me to be flexible enough to do several jobs in addition to the one I was hired for as well as how to become a generalist in many different areas of skill and knowledge. I believe I have become a well-rounded professional who can add value to any type of organization because of this.

To complement my studies, I am seeking volunteer and mentorship (paid or unpaid) opportunities that allow me to be part of a team, making decisions on projects that recognize and address the needs of our community. If you know of any organizations (nonprofit, for profit, or government) that could help me achieve my goals, please contact me. I am passionate about our community and eager to make lasting positive changes for those who live and work among us!